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What a great resource:

f6s publishes a list of accelerator programs, incubator programs and other resources for startups. My favorite feature is probably list really exhaustive, massive list of free packages and discounts for startups from major service providers:!deals All the big names you would expect are listed

Evaluating New Demo software

Several years ago, we bought a copy of Camtasia. It is the premiere demonstration software, but very expensive to put on several computers for occasional use, and relatively cumbersome for what it does. Definite learning curve! Instead of buying a new copy of Camtasia, we’re

Upgrading the dev and VM rig for 2013

OK, yes. I’m a complete geek. This TechVentureGeek post serves no purpose whatsoever except to celebrate that I found an amazing deal on a fast HP Core i7 quad-core tower server and a startling deal on a SanDisk Extreme SSD, and will, therefore, be using

Some of my favorite articles on virtual assistants for startups

Here are a few random articles on using a virtual assistant to help you around the startup – and get launched and successful faster! 10 things to outsource to a virtual assistant: Bloggers talk about virtual assistants: How startups should leverage virtual assistants:

Review: Hootsuite for Managing Social Media

Hootsuite is an online web application that provides a streamlined, highly customizable interface for managing multiple social media outlets, especially including multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts and pages, as well as Plaxo and LinkedIn accounts. It is currently free to sign up for an account.

Product Review: Xobni Add-in for Outlook

It isn’t difficult to define the most useful aspect of the Xobni add-in for Outlook for me: It automatically puts faces with e-mails, instantly, for people I’ve met, people I’ve never met – and, crucially – for people I’ve met just a few times or

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Decent VOIP phones for your startup

I haven’t posted anything about Tools We Use in awhile, so I thought I’d drop you a post about a recent upgrade. Like many companies, basically all of the Black Mesa Ventures companies use VOIP phone systems. I think the last company using a local,