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Adminatrivia on…

So, I’ve fixed all of the graphics that were missing from older posts. Should be easier on the eyes, going backwards through this blog! I’ll be updating the blog with a backlog of links to articles that I published to the VentureSpur blog that I think have

Upgrading the dev and VM rig for 2013

OK, yes. I’m a complete geek. This TechVentureGeek post serves no purpose whatsoever except to celebrate that I found an amazing deal on a fast HP Core i7 quad-core tower server and a startling deal on a SanDisk Extreme SSD, and will, therefore, be using

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I’m back… and it’s a girl…

I had some difficulty keeping up with my posting schedule this summer after the birth of our second daughter, Ella, but autumn is here and it is back to school time at TechVentureGeek! We’ve been very busy at R7 Solutions launching new services this quarter,

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New Blog Name… And a slightly different focus.

After a brief hiatus, we’ve made a name change. If you came here via StartupGeek, then you’ll have noticed that we are now TechVentureGeek. We’re still going to write about technology startups, but we’re also going to write about mid and later stage technology ventures