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PixlFest 2017 Keynote – Summary

I was honored to give the keynote at PixlFest last week for all students in the state pursuing creative degrees in design, multi-media, engineering, software development and others. There were many insightful questions from the audience and I was asked to give the keynote three

Judging the Rice Business Plan Competition

I’ll be judging the Rice Business Plan Competition again this year. It is always a great competition and is the richest business plan competition in the world at $1.5M in prizes. If you’re interested in innovative technology, top-tier national and international startups, and having your

Starting an Entrepreneurial Career – HOWTO

This post is based on a presentation I made to students in the CCEW Program at the University of Oklahoma about how to launch and develop and entrepreneurial career. Here’s that presentation, with a few extra notes. Enjoy! 1. Work with startups at all costs.