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Evaluating New Demo software

Several years ago, we bought a copy of Camtasia. It is the premiere demonstration software, but very expensive to put on several computers for occasional use, and relatively cumbersome for what it does. Definite learning curve! Instead of buying a new copy of Camtasia, we’re

Product Review: Xobni Add-in for Outlook

It isn’t difficult to define the most useful aspect of the Xobni add-in for Outlook for me: It automatically puts faces with e-mails, instantly, for people I’ve met, people I’ve never met – and, crucially – for people I’ve met just a few times or

Personal Productivity Tips II – Update

Writing this blog can be very helpful. In writing recently about my personal productivity tips, it occurred to me that I was really using too many “to do” processes. Moving stuff from my GTD Master List to a daily list was a pain and inevitably