Some of my favorite articles on virtual assistants for startups

15411926_sHere are a few random articles on using a virtual assistant to help you around the startup – and get launched and successful faster!

10 things to outsource to a virtual assistant:

Bloggers talk about virtual assistants:

How startups should leverage virtual assistants: – ideas from FancyHands on how to utilize a virtual assistant – ReadWrite web talks about using a virtual assistant in a startup – interesting story about a real-world experience with a virtual assistant in a startup – Using a virtual assistant to become a better networker

The top virtual assistant services (which I plan on evaluating and reviewing in the near future): – just received a venture capital investment from the founder of Zappos – in person, on-site assistants to run errands – looks decent – claims to be the world’s leading virt assistant site – focused on monthly plans – has gotten good reviews – All American -$15/hour

Directories of virtual assistant services, with reviews:

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