What should we do with our NFC tags at LaunchOklahoma?

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NFC stands for Near Field Communiciation and it is a new wireless standard to allow mobile devices, like phones, to instantly interact with unpowered NFC “tags” that can be placed, stuck, hung or otherwise attached to things. When you wave your device near the tag, an action is triggered on your device.

For simple actions, your operating system (probably Android) has a built-in response. For more complex interactions, like making a report based on your location and text input, you probably need a mobile app.

These tags can be programmed to contain info that you want to share or to trigger simple actions on the cell phone, like opening a web page or directing you to download an app from your app store.

Lots of newer phones have NFC capability, but there aren’t very many tags out there in the world for them to interact with.

I’ve ordered a set of NFC tags for use by the LaunchOklahoma program this summer. I’m looking for cool ideas to use them. Obviously, I’m going to program one with our website, one with our contact info and one with our upcoming events schedule. Maybe I’ll program one for Foursquare check-in and Facebook check-in to our events.

What other things might we do with them – maybe to get people mixing and mingling? Drop me a line!

Here’s an article on the most typical, simple uses of NFC tags: 8 Types Of Data You Can Easily Program On NFC Tags.

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