Principle #5: Keep the vision alive.

Keep the vision alive.

Starting a business can be boring, long, tedious, and bureaucratic. It really isn’t romantic. But don’t forget what you started out to do.

Take specific times, events, meetings to talk about and review the vision. Don’t get so caught up in the minutiae of running the business that you forget about the Big Picture. There’s no surer way to lose your way than to forget to look up sometimes and communicate to yourself, your employees, and your customers what it is that you’re trying to achieve.

These can be the most insightful, productive and refreshing moments in your business. Sometimes you realize that one of your employees just doesn’t “get it” or that they needed a refresher. Improvement in your performance and your business can be surprisingly immediate.

Sometimes,  when you communicate the vision to a client, you realize that a client simply isn’t buying the same product you think you’re selling. This can be an opportunity. It can be an opportunity to take a closer look at your products and services to determine why there is a disconnect between the client’s needs and what you’re providing.

For me, these are the most valuable interactions we have with clients. And sometimes, it might even be an opportunity to fire a client that shouldn’t be buying – and who costs your business a lot more headache than their revenues are worth.

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