Principle #4: Don’t be afraid to lead and to lead by doing.

Don’t be afraid to lead and to lead by doing.

This may seem obvious, but it sometimes gets lost. What I mean by this is that you shouldn’t be afraid to take a true leadership role in your company, and that the best way to take this leadership role is to do whatever it is that you are asking your people to do.

If you’re asking them to provide a better, higher and more competitive degree of customer service, you can lead by explaining the purpose and the goals, setting the expectations, and then by striving to set the example by getting involved directly in customer service. 

This doesn’t mean doing any one’s job for them, but it does mean making it clear that you care about the details, the business will hold its employees accountable, and the goals will be reviewed and met.

This is, actually, one of the most difficult things for all entrepreneurs, and all businesses, to accomplish. Setting useful, realistic goals, communicating those goals, and then developing the systems and methods to meet those goals, are the essence of business leadership.

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