Awesome exhortation from Steve Jobs: “Real Artists Ship.”

As work progresses at Black Mesa Ventures on the launch version of GEOINTELIS, I ran across this blog entry:
Ghost in the Pixel » Only real artists ship

I heard Guy Kawasaki say something similar at a conference I was at least year: Just ship it. It won’t be perfect, but it won’t be anything until you get a copy into users’ hands so that they can rip it up and you can start fixing it.

And I would add that your competitors are always innovating around you, especially as technical costs have declined and barriers to market entry have fallen. Launch now, or don’t launch at all.

Launching in the tail-end of a recession is perfect because it positions your product or service to benefit from recovery spending, especially if you’re offering a lower cost, lower upfront investment, or significantly faster or better product. *

Always remember: Until it ships, its just a concept.

* All of these apply to GEOINTELIS.

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