Blog Roundup – Build an Insanely Great Web Service, The Acquisition by Intuit

Quick blog roundup of things I’m reading:

Great post on ReadWriteWeb on what a great web service should accomplish: Build an Insanely Great Web Service.

An interesting, although highly generalized, post on about the purchase of by Intuit for $170MM last week: The Triumph of Web 2.5

A different take on the purchase of from a founder of The next generation bends over

Regarding the Intuit purchase, it seems naive to think that incumbents won’t buy emerging competitors, or that those new contenders won’t sell…

But Mint does look like a bit of a recession victim: With a strong growth pattern, increasing revenues and a good technical and psychological lead, I’m sure it could have gotten a lot more in another 24 months, so the logical thing would have been to wait.

Which means there probably was a VC who needed out in order to repay the LPs in their fund, and forced the sale. More background will probably emerge in coming days.

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