Website Provides Comprehensive Resource Directory for Oklahoma Startups

Oklahoma startups finally have a comprehensive resource directory! We have just launched This resource directory has been a personal project of mine for the past several years.

Recently, I decided to devote a little more effort to updating and revamping the directory to provide Oklahoma startups with an all-encompassing reference page for building, growing, and sustaining their business here in the state.

StartupOK-2015-LogoAs a seasoned entrepreneur, investor and mentor, I’m often asked for references to programs and resources to benefit startups in the state. This project began with my desire to have a complete directory for my own business needs and for those who request referrals. After searching and finding several useful resources, I started compiling a list that would not only benefit myself, but other Oklahoma entrepreneurs.

StartupOK provides listings of many resources that help startups and entrepreneurs, including incubators, venture capital firms, SBA lenders, co-working offices, educational programs, event calendars, event organizations, user groups, non-profits, startup and small business-related publications, startup-friendly service providers, government agencies/services, and other resource directories.

Special thanks go to Andrea Jones, our office and customer service manager, for diving into this project, researching the listed resources and fleshing out the listings!

This is definitely version 0.5 of this directory and we intend to update the format, structure and features in the future to include easier sorting, easier listing submission and feedback on these resources and organizations.

It is my hope that this directory proves to be a valuable resource for Oklahoma entrepreneurs and continues to expand as the startup community grows. In the spirit of supporting and growing the startup community, I welcome suggestions for additions to the directory.

Have a visit today and we’d be happy to have your feedback:

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