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LaunchOklahoma Startups Go Abroad: Vakargo & Sivi

Two Oklahoma startups, and graduates of the LaunchOklahoma Accelerator program, went abroad last week to present at the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland. The two teams shared their excitement with us regarding their experiences at the summit: Vakargo presented their online network and shipping platform

2014 LaunchOklahoma Program Participants & Attendance

This year I had the pleasure of running the 2014 LaunchOklahoma Open Accelerator program, produced by my venture consulting firm JumpPhase Ventures. The program featured 9 workshops covering a variety of topics geared towards giving startup entrepreneurs the tools and knowledge they need to successfully

Purpose Match launches kickstarter campaign

PurposeMatch, a graduate of our 2012 accelerator program, launched a KickStarter today to push their purpose-discovery system to the next level. The PurposeMatch team seeks to help people discover their life purpose and match them to real opportunities to grow and live a purpose-filled life. “Ever