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Startup Time in America?

ProfitBricks, a cloud computing host, has published a graphic about why it is such a great time to start a company right now in America. Here’s the graphic and article, hosted at SmallBizTrends. Know what? We agree! The factors highlighted in this graphic – lower

Explorations of the Inevitable – Part II

3) The networked digital delivery of all media, especially including newspapers. This is a big topic and dear to my heart, so I’ve dedicated an entire post to this one. Regardless of what anyone might think about the ongoing need for paper delivery, the simple

Explorations of the Inevitable – Part I

As an active entrepreneur and investor, from time to time I step back and review the meta-trends that will drive entrepreneurial success in the near future. There are certain inexorable trends that drive social and economic change, and those are the trends that we must