Time management is worthless… Think about this instead…

stopwatchbTime management is worthless. It really is.

I’ve spent plenty of “time” trying to get things done, solve problems and create value. But often, the most productivity comes from a few hours here and there during which I am energetic and focused.

So, don’t think about time management. There really is no such thing. You can stare at a screen for hours and get nothing done when you might as well be out playing with your kids.

Instead, manage your energy and your focus.

Make sure that you have enough sleep, a comfortable and quiet place to work and enough exercise. This will help to build your energy.

And make sure that you know what you are working on. Select a single focus and organize your work around accomplishing one concrete goal.

This can be hard in an office, it can be hard for intellectual workers who may need time to evaluate and process before getting near to their goal. And it can be hard for many entrepreneurs who tend to suffer from a disorder called “multi-tasking”… Which is why focus is that much more important.

By picking a single concrete goal – usually one major goal each day and several major goals for each week – you can get a lot more done than the typical worker can accomplish with their scattered, fragmented attention.

And by choosing a single achievable goal each day and several for each week, you are forced to create a routine and break your work down into bite-sized pieces that can be accomplished.

This is all doubly true for entrepreneurs: You are your own boss. Use your time wisely. Focus on productive time, not “time spent.” And focus on accomplishing concrete, achievable goals each day that build towards your overall vision.

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