Video Posted: “Business Models for Web 2.0 Startups: What works now?”

The OkcCoCo has now posted the full video of  my recent presentation to the Bootstrapper’s Beer:

“Business Models for Web 2.0 Startups: What works now?”

(Be warned: I’m at my loquacious best… This is the full 1.5 hour presentation. I’ll try to put a series of shorter excepts online in the near future for those who are looking for info on specific business models.)
OKCCOCO_LOGOMany thanks to Derrick Parkhurst, the organizer of the Bootstrapper’s Beer and co-founder of the OkcCoco, who invited me to give the talk.

About the group: “The Bootstrappers Beer is a free to attend monthly meeting for entrepreneurs in Oklahoma City. The goal of the meeting is to provide educational and networking opportunities to young entrepreneurs. Many of the attendees are passionate about bootstrapping start-up companies and… beer.”

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