VentureSpur Entrepreneurial Interview – Piyush Patel

Here’s our VentureSpur mentor interview with Piyush Patel. Piyush is the founder and CEO of PL Studios, an Oklahoma City company that leads the world in digital animation training. Fun stuff! They count people like Pixar Studios as clients! Piyush is an interesting guy and I think he’s going to be a great VentureSpur mentor. I hope you enjoy his interview.

Mentor Piyush Patel, CEO of Digital-Tutors, recently completed an interview for VentureSpur!  Piyush discusses the importance of mentors & the benefits of going through an accelerator!  Read the full interview below!

Learn more about Piyush Patel on our mentor page!

What was the most important thing a mentor ever did for you? 

The most important thing my mentors did for me was to help me see the bigger picture.  Often times when in start-up mode, it is so hard to see how everything connects and becomes whole.
What do you think an accelerator can do for Oklahoma?

Accelerators can do just as they are called: allow the process of starting a company to move faster than bootstrapping.  I bootstrapped my company and it took twice as long as it should have to reach the level of success we are at today.  The current process for fundraising through traditional and state programs is too slow for tech companies.

What do you think a mentor can do for a startup? How can a mentor help?

Often times when a new start up is launching, it is difficult to see the full potential of the company because you are working in the business all of the time.  However, having a mentor who is riding shotgun with you will help you see the opportunities that are being missed.

What kind of technologies and companies do you currently find interesting? 

I’m really interested in anything that has to do with visual effects, crowd-sourced technologies as well as social technologies that help connect people.

What is the most important part of a company’s application when applying to an accelerator?

I personally feel that it’s having a realistic vision of what you want to accomplish with your start up and setting clear expectations on what needs to be done to reach your goal.

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