Onboarding Done Right: Setting up a new SaaS or Cloud account

909346_boarding_airplaneWhat should setting up a new SaaS account involve? I run into this question a lot, both in my Black Mesa Consulting practice and in working on R7 Solutions.

Moving client to the cloud shouldn’t be scary. It shouldn’t be confusing. It should be end-user focused, customer-service focused, and easy. Here’s how to make it that way…

Setting up a new SaaS or Cloud account should involve at least these customer service items:

1) 1st party, usually Technical Support, does initial account setup; Does thorough tests; Signs off on checklist.

2) 2nd party, usually Customer Support, tests client configuration, passwords, etc. Signs off on checklist.

3) Client is on-boarded by Customer Support using an email and a letter containing not only account info and service URL, but also the location of support resources, like email and telephone support, trouble-ticket form submission, support forums, FAQs, How-To’s, User Manual.

4) The company’s 1-800 support number is delivered to the client by Customer Support on a small wallet-sized card.

5) Follow-up customer service survey delivered about the onboarding process; Reminder sent to complete the survey; Survey results shared with all departments; Reviewed weekly/monthly/annually.

6) 1 week follow up telephone call from Customer Support to be sure that everything is working that that all users are satisfied; Discussion not only with management, but with at least a few end-users!

7) 1 month follow up telephone call; Everything still good?

8) Add the users to the product support newsletter, for updates, special offers, new support resources, how-to videos, etc.

9) Annual account review; Discounts review; Upgrade reviews!

I’m sure there are other things that should be done. What’s your SaaS / Cloud on-boarding process? Does it work? Where does it break down? What kind of tools make is work?

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